Irish company strikes €40m deal to reproduce an electric E-Type Jaguar

Irish company strikes €40m deal to reproduce an electric E-Type Jaguar

An Irish car company has signed a €40m deal to produce electric versions of Jaguar's classic E-Type cars.

Electrifi converts classic cars into electric vehicles using Tesla parts and components. The Powerscourt-based start-up will link up with British company Evolution to build an electric version of one of the most recognisable and iconic classic cars.

As part of the five-year deal, the Irish company will be heavily involved in the production of a modern version of what was once referred to by Enzo Ferrari as "the most beautiful car ever made".

The Evolution Electrifi E-Type will be based on the original 1960s design. There will be an aluminium bodied convertible, a hardtop and coupe models available with electric motors capable of producing 450bhp, about 170bhp more than Jaguar's first E-types.

It can reach 100kmh in less than four seconds and is capable of a top speed of 265kmh.

Norman Crowley, founder and CEO of Electrifi's parent company Crowley Carbon, said the electric version will bring an iconic car into the 21st Century. However, only a select few people will be able to budget to pick up one of the electric E-Types when they go on sale next year. They are expected to cost €850,000.

"It is like the old adage, quality is remembered as long as the price is forgotten," said Crowley. Despite housing an electric power plant and battery packs, the electric car is no heavier than the original. It also comes with an original engine, gearbox and chassis with its distinctive sweeping front-end and curved wings.

Electrifi uses parts sourced from Elon Musk's motor company Tesla to convert the iconic cars.

The process of electrifying the E-Type is fully reversible so customers will be able to install the old engine if they wish. It will be equipped with all expected mod-cons, including power steering, air conditioning, vented brake discs and enhanced steering and suspension.

"We are helping breathe life back into these classics by building modern and sustainable technology into the very heart of these cars for the 21st Century," Mr Crowley said.

The Irish outfit was only launched last month but promises "Formula One-style performance" by turning classic Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins into electric vehicles.   

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